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Our 10-Step Collision Repair Process

Our 10-step process ensures that your collision damage is repaired completely and that you and your insurance company understand the work. If you have any questions at all, please call Quality Body Shop at 605-224-4970. We'll be glad to work with you and your insurer to return your car to it pre-collision condition.

10 Steps to Restore Your Car

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When we've completed our 10-step process, you get our lifetime guarantee on your finished vehicle: We stand behind our work for the life of the vehicle as long as owner of vehicle is the same.

Choose the locally owned and operated shop that your neighbors have trusted since 1988.

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on auto bodywork:

1. Estimate — We'll inspect your vehicle and compile that data into a FREE initial repair estimate. It's important to note that the initial estimate only covers the visible damage. In some cases, more damage may be revealed when the vehicle is disassembled.


2. Insurance Approval — We'll work with you and your insurer to reach an agreement about repairing your vehicle based on your policy's coverage and your car's value. We'll handle all the paperwork for you.


3. Disassembly — We'll remove the damaged parts and inspect the car for concealed damage.


4. Ordering Parts — We'll order all the parts needed for your vehicle's repairs. Once we receive the parts, we'll begin the repairs.


5. Structure Repair — Your car's structure will be returned to its original factory specifications. Our high-tech measurement systems ensure accurate results.


6. Body Repair — Once your car's structure is repaired, we'll complete the repairs by replacing body panels, removing dents, and preparing it for paint.


7. Painting — Our experienced technicians will prime and seal all the areas that need to be painted. We'll apply top coats and clear coats as needed to return your car to its original color.


8. Reassembly — All the moldings, detail pieces, and other parts will be replaced on your vehicle. The whole collision repair will be inspected to make sure it's ready for you to drive home.


9. Detailing — We'll clean your car and remove any dust or debris accumulated during the repairs. We'll road test your vehicle and make certain it's fully restored to its pre-collision condition.


10. Completion — We'll let you know your vehicle is ready to go! We'll wrap up any final paperwork and applicable billing. You'll drive away in a vehicle that's been fully repaired.